Our Coffee

We work closely with some of Europe’s most regarded roasters, including Has Bean, Square Mile, Workshop and The Barn.

We use the best possible equipment in both the shop and for every one of our events. Most importantly is the training we deliver, a never ending process we believe helps drive constant improvement.

Has Bean
Back in 2007 there were few speciality roasters in the UK. Fewer still with the passion and quality of Has Bean. They’ve been with us since the start and continue to impress us with their roasts.

Square Mile
Based in East London, Square Mile is a team of talented baristas, coffee trainers and equipment technicians. They excel in importing, cupping and roasting the best quality beans they can find, which we then get to serve in the shop.

We’re also big fans of director James Hoffmann great coffee blog 

The Barn
Relative newcomers, The Barn opened their Berlin roastery in 2012, two years after launching their first shop. We’re huge fans of their sustainable approach to coffee.

As they say on their site; “By paying premium prices we enable coffee farmers to create a sustainable business. All coffees are fresh, in season and roasted to perfection.”

Workshop is a roastery with 4 lovely shops across London. You’ll find them in Clerkenwell, Fitzrovia, Holborn & Marylebone.

This year they’re focusing their purchasing on Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Columbia, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Guatemala.